CAPSワークショップ 8/2  So you want to do a PhD in Europe?




場所:関西学院大学上ヶ原キャンパス F号館303教室

企画者:片山 順一(関西学院大学 応用心理科学研究センター センター長)
司会:真田 原行(関西学院大学 応用心理科学研究センター 博士研究員)


Robin Orthey 先生(福山大学 特別研究員・Maastricht University)
平 伸二 先生(福山大学 人間文化学部)


I started my PhD in September 2014 in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, under the supervision of professor Aldert Vrij. Additionally, I was employed as a research assistant at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, for Dr. Ewout Meijer. After my job finished my PhD project was extended to Maastricht university for a joint degree. I am about to complete the project in 2018.

In my talk I will be sharing my experiences of PhD life in Europe, but also the many different options available. That will include the distinction between funded and self-funded PhD projects, traditional and continental PhDs, as well as different submission requirements in each country. Finally, I point out some potential sources of funding. My talk will focus on the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany.